About Pressure Points

Pressure Points is a non-profit ministry offering free mar!!riage help curriculum based on a proactive, loving and graceful approach to marital conflict. Our goal is to fight against the negative energy that can build up and viciously attack marriages, often leading to divorce.

Our Mission

Pressure Points exists to offer a relatable resource that will proactively minister to the heart of marriages through films that address emotional issues, followed by honest and graceful discussions. Our hope is that couples will connect with the issues uncovered in these films and be prompted to seek the help they need to begin the healing process, both as individuals and as couples.

  • Pressure Points is a series of dramatic short films and accompanied study guides  centered on conflicts that spouses face daily. The films reveal the individual brokenness that keeps us from having the healthy marriage God intends for us to have.

    We can mask it, defend it, and blame others. But only when we turn and face our own brokenness we can begin to become the servant of God that He designed us to be.

  • These films, paired with meaningful discussion points and questions, prompt us to face our own “stuff” – the individual issues that negatively impact and chip away at our marriages.

  • As couples identify and work through these problems, our ministry encourages husbands and wives to have more love and grace for one another than they ever thought possible: the kind of grace, love, and forgiveness the Father shows us unconditionally. We want to help spouses learn to have that same grace for each other.