You Won't Like It When I'm Angry

Ah, the famous words of Bruce Banner. Right before he turned into a green-skinned, musclebound, hulking monster full of rage and capable of utter destruction!

It actually makes you think. When we get angry, are we capable of that level of destruction? Does our temper ruin people’s lives? Hurt feelings? Tear down? Scar? Manipulate? Do people walk on egg shells around you?verbal-abuse-2-312

They say that the people whom you love the most have the most access and power to hurt you. That’s pretty scary. If my spouse chooses NOT to control their anger, it could rock my world. I would always be somewhat vulnerable to their attacks. That’s a lot of power for one person to have to your heart.

So let’s turn that around.

YOU have the power to break someone else’s heart. Are you in control of your anger? Do you take opportunities to tear down your spouse? Do you bully him or her when you aren’t getting your way? How about your children? Are you bullying them? Do they have an unhealthy fear of your temper? You do realize that children are innocent and have no defense from their parents. Why should they? It’s so confusing to them as they don’t know whether to cry, run, trust, shut down, internalize, lash out, ignore, hide, etc. That’s extremely sad.

dynamiclifedevelopment8066Our very own original short film, ‘Angry‘, captures a raw and realistic conversation between a married couple who’s family is suffering as a result of the wife’s anger issues. The husband is somewhat numb and passive to these attacks. You’ll notice that he’s been on the receiving end of her anger several times and defaults to a stand-offish defense. However, there’s a point in the film where he courageously decides to address her brokenness to protect his children. Simply put, if you can relate to this film on either side, then you need help.

Who are you negatively impacting with your temper? Your spouse, children, friends or family? We encourage you to face your brokenness and seek help regarding your temper. Consider immediate counseling for you and your family to begin the healing process from the fallout of this. The quality and health of your marriage and children’s lives depend on you or your spouse seeking help with your anger issues.

What did Jesus say about anger?

‘This you know, my beloved brethren. But everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger; for the anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God.’

-James 1:19-20, NASB

Let’s Chat!

  • Why do you think the husband finally confronted his wife about her temper?
  • What do you think he said that ultimately softened her heart and caused her to break down in tears?
  • How does a parent’s anger issues impact a child?  How does it shape their behavior?

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