There She Goes Again… Crybaby!

Woman cryingThere she goes. Again. Crying for no apparent reason.

Wait. STOP! So what. So what she’s emotional? So what she needs reassurance and comfort? What do you need that she keeps giving you? Physical intimacy, words of affirmation, trust, grace, forgiveness, etc.

This is not your chance to complain about how emotional women are and how you just don’t understand. And… it is cruel to ignore her pain. Men, your wife needs love. All the time. She needs you to empathize with her pain, worry, concerns and her unexplained waves of emotions. That is how God wired her. He wired her to be in tune with His love, His emotional presence. She takes after God. Betcha didn’t know that, did you? Just like you are wired to be strong, logical and rational after God’s firm heart, she is wired to be soft, loving, empathetic, emotionally present after God’s loving heart. In 1 Peter 3:17, Paul tells us to live with our wives in an understanding way as the weaker vessel. Not weak as in strength or intellect, but weaker as in, we as husbands need to protect her heart. Her heart is fragile by God’s unique design.

You husbands in the same way, live with your wives in an understanding way, as with someone weaker, since she is a woman; and show her honor as a fellow heir of the grace of life, so that your prayers will not be hindered.” – 1 Peter 3:17 NASB

Here are 4 tips to help you better empathize with your wife.

1983131.  Stop and listen. Listen to what she has to say. Turn to her. Don’t try and solve it. Just hear her words. You might ask questions that lead to the root of it, but sometimes she just needs to share with you what is on her heart. She doesn’t want to be disconnected from you, she wants you two to be in sync.

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Christ follower, happily married, proud father, producer, actor & social media strategist. I love to create things that glorify God. Love God. Love People.

I Watched Her Walk Away & She Wasn’t My Wife

A married man's honest post about LUST: 5 Reasons Why We Men Justify Lusting After Women. I’m a man

This is embarrassing and I’m ashamed of myself for it, but I need to confess it. The other day while at the mall, a young woman in skin tight, short shorts turned my head. The rule is I can look for a second or two but I cannot stare. Staring is essentially lusting or fantasizing. This time – I did. I stared for quite some time and just watched her walk. After about 20 seconds I noticed a young man staring at her too, not even trying to hide it. He boldly moved in for a closer look. And then I noticed an older man watching her. That slapped me hard in the face! I, was among several men gawking at this woman. I shook it off and bolted for the exit. I was ashamed of myself for objectifying her. Granted, she wore those shorts for a reason, but I need to be responsible for my own actions. There is no hope for me to fully honor God and my wife – operating from that sinful place.

I’m a married man. 

Men, Here’s where I think we men fool ourselves into thinking we are justified to objectify and lust after women.

1. If She Wears it, She WANTS Me to Look

That may or may not be true. However, just because she wears it, or doesn’t wear enough, does not give you the right to drool or inappropriately stare. She has her own reasons for her choice of clothing, that shouldn’t justify lusting after anyone other than your wife. If a man drops his wallet, does his mistake mean you can have his money and use his credit cards? I don’t think so.

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About Phil Stevens

Christ follower, happily married, proud father, producer, actor & social media strategist. I love to create things that glorify God. Love God. Love People.

People are Watching


Did you know that people watch your marriage when you least expect it?

This past weekend was extremely busy. My husband was directing the next episode for Pressure Points marriage ministry. He had cast two actors to play a married couple with children. The woman playing the wife was married in real life, the male actor was not. Prior to the shoot, they read through the script so that my husband could explain husband-wife interactions.

On the day of the shoot, I was responsible for craft services (translation: feed the cast and crew). I showed up with a plethora of goodies and had it all waiting to be devoured. One of the items was deli meat. After I set it out, it became clear that the filming was running behind and I don’t like to have meat sitting out for too long. During a quick break I told my husband that I was going to put the food in the fridge. He told me to leave it out, they only had 15 more minutes (translation: an hour). It was a quick, small interaction of different opinions. Continue reading

The Dangers of Reuniting with Old Flames

Most people do not reach out to old flames looking for an affair – but yet this is often what happens. Old flames have a special place in our hearts. Reconnecting with them stirs up powerful and deep emotions related to desire, nostalgia and regret.old flame Continue reading

Your Valentine is God's Gift:Companionship

Happy Valentine’s Day Pressure Points family!

Second only to God, remember to make your spouse first priority. They should always be a priority over your children, other family members, friends, your career, ministries, etc. Cherish the great gift God has given you in a companion.

Please also enjoy our most romantic original film of the series, ‘Last‘. Starring Emily Barnes & Danny Williams. A newlywed wife is fed up with her husband’s best friends taking priority in his life.
(Song of Solomon 7: 11-12)


Johnny Warrior

A little boy wants to be the hero, defending the fort and saving others from danger. As a man, he wants to be the prince, the hero that his princess admires, believes in and respects. He is designed by God to be a man of honor, one who is responsible to provide and care for his princess.

Respect and honor your husbands, putting him second only to God. As you are his princess, he is your prince. Let him be your hero, under God.


God has put in the tender heart of every little girl to be a princess. She dresses up, talks about it, even dreams about it. As a woman, she wants to be first in the heart of her prince. She wants to be loved and treasured like a princess.

Putting God first in your lives, honor and treasure your wives with everything you have.

You are loved!

*Photos courtesy of Mary Anne Morgan Photography


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About Phil Stevens

Christ follower, happily married, proud father, producer, actor & social media strategist. I love to create things that glorify God. Love God. Love People.