The Launch of Our (FREE) Marriage Study Guides

Pressure Points Free ResourcesI remember when God put it on my heart to help marriages. In 2008, I was a facilitator with a ministry that helped people cope with divorce. Having gone through it myself, I knew it was a great ministry. But my heart ached. Each person represented another broken heart. Another broken family. And I wanted the ministry to disappear. I wanted there to not be a need for it. I wanted to be on the other side. There just wasn’t a ministry that existed to take a proactive approach to marital conflict. The only options I knew of were church small groups helping each other and marriage counseling. Nothing on a wider scale. Despite my heart longing to do something to help, I was stuck.

Fast forward to April 2012. A friend from the acting team at church contacted me about a short film he was producing. The Lord had put it on his heart to create films that addressed tough issues in marriage and sought to show the beginnings of resolution through love, grace, and forgiveness. He wanted me to act in the pilot with him. It was a story about a man finally addressing his wife and her anger issues. How it was affecting him, their children, as well as extended family and friends. By the end of the short film, we see the beginning of a breakthrough. When ‘Angry‘ was released, my friend, Phil, heard great things. Many people approached him privately to let him know how the film spoke to them.

And here we are. Two years later and ten films in (with another in the works). We still hear from people who are hurting and seeking help for their marriage. We still hear from people who can relate to the films and don’t feel alone. And we get to hear from people who say the films have inspired conversation in their marriage. And we know that making all of the hard work is making a difference.

Throughout this journey, Phil felt prompted to create accompanying study guides so small groups could use the films as a marital study. Not long after the planning began, he felt the Lord telling him to give it away. For FREE.

szczesliwa_dojrzala_para_fotolia_165475-600x300We are so excited to finally launch the study guides! You can download the videos and study guides for FREE from our ‘Resources’ page and use them as you like. Use them as a study for just you and your spouse, with other couples, or in a small group. And please feel free to tell others who may benefit from them. Our prayer is┬áthat the films and study guides┬áreach as many marriages as they can and that they initiate more conversations filled with love, grace, and forgiveness. Our prayer is that they would start a journey toward the healthy marriage that God intends for you.

Because you are Loved.

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