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Pressure Points  is a ministry that is near and dear to the hearts of both myself and my husband, Phil.  God placed on Phil’s big & giving heart a passion and compassion for healthy marriagesPressure Points is meant to encourage you, as a married couple, to fight for the health of your marriage.  Don’t dismay, be uplifted.  God provides you with the tools to make it work, you just have to use them.  Honesty, respect, encouragement, loyalty, love and so much more.

This ministry depends on your support.  A tiny donation goes a long way.  I encourage my husband to pour into what he believes in.  I implore you also to donate to Pressure Points if a video or blog touches you.  We hear from you often, your stories of how these short films resonate with you or have spoken truth to someone you know and love.

Keep watching.

Keep sharing.

Support the ministry.

If we reach just one couple that needs change, then it is ALL worth it

You are loved.


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About Marci Stevens

Marci is a wife, mother, speaker and blogger. She is also a co-founder of a powerful non-profit, award-winning marriage ministry, Marriage Pressure Points. Marci writes about her own struggles as a wife in hopes that God will continue to offer her grace and use her testimony to help others.

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