Your Valentine is God's Gift:Companionship

Happy Valentine’s Day Pressure Points family!

Second only to God, remember to make your spouse first priority. They should always be a priority over your children, other family members, friends, your career, ministries, etc. Cherish the great gift God has given you in a companion.

Please also enjoy our most romantic original film of the series, ‘Last‘. Starring Emily Barnes & Danny Williams. A newlywed wife is fed up with her husband’s best friends taking priority in his life.
(Song of Solomon 7: 11-12)


Johnny Warrior

A little boy wants to be the hero, defending the fort and saving others from danger. As a man, he wants to be the prince, the hero that his princess admires, believes in and respects. He is designed by God to be a man of honor, one who is responsible to provide and care for his princess.

Respect and honor your husbands, putting him second only to God. As you are his princess, he is your prince. Let him be your hero, under God.


God has put in the tender heart of every little girl to be a princess. She dresses up, talks about it, even dreams about it. As a woman, she wants to be first in the heart of her prince. She wants to be loved and treasured like a princess.

Putting God first in your lives, honor and treasure your wives with everything you have.

You are loved!

*Photos courtesy of Mary Anne Morgan Photography


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