Hurry Up, Will You?

**Disclaimer: When I write “friend”, ” friends”  or “another couple” I may or may not be referring to myself  or my myself and my husband.**

There is this couple that my husband and I enjoy spending time with (wink wink). My friend confides in me that often times there is an issue that is so pressing for her, heavy on her heart, that she really wants & needs to discuss it with her spouse immediately.woman-thinking 3 So… (my friend) figures everything out for him and lays it on him! Wow! What a great wife!  She has thought about it, considered all aspects and as she shares with her spouse. Heck, she even has the perfect solution. Genius. So kind of her.

Well, so unexpected to my friend, after sharing with her spouse this “topic” that needed to be discussed – well her spouse was not at the same excitement level that she was on the topic.  She was at about a level 10 (10 being the highest level) and she shared her topic with passion.  However, as her husband listened to the information given he was just at about a level… well maybe a 2. Ok maybe a 3.

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HUH? Excuse me!!?  I just told you all of this information AND I came with solutions and you don’t have anything to say?  What do you mean you need time to process this?  What is there to think about? I gave you the problem, I told you all possible scenarios and then I even came to you with all and any possible solutions. What in the world is there even to think about?  Time for what?

Man you are killing me here!!

Well, I told my friend ( you know, because my perfect husband and I NEVER find ourselves in this situation because we are so blessed with perfect personalities and the utmost respect and Godliness) that maybe she is actually in the wrong here.

We are not all made the same.  Think of each of us like a computer.  Not all computers process the information exactly the same. They have different processors, memory capacity, operating systems and software (well so says my husband).That is how we as people are.  God made each of us uniquely and then He designed us to be married to each other!  That’s the fun part.  So maybe allow your spouse a little more time next time.  A little time, like you had, to process the information. They might even have a better idea. Not likely, but they might.

Let’s Chat!

  • What are you not giving your spouse time to think through, to process to pray about? 


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Marci is a wife, mother, speaker and blogger. She is also a co-founder of a powerful non-profit, award-winning marriage ministry, Marriage Pressure Points. Marci writes about her own struggles as a wife in hopes that God will continue to offer her grace and use her testimony to help others.

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