Just A Status Update Please

“Hi honey. Just a status update please….”blah blah faded

“Um… No.”

Fellas. We were wired to be logical, rational, quick-thinking creatures. We lead with our head, and not with our heart. However, our wives lead with their heart and emotions. In truth, it’s the perfect combination, hence why God created marriage.

Here’s the scenario, we meet up with our wives after a long day and want a quick ‘status update’ before unwinding, unraveling and relaxing. What you would like to hear is…

Her: “Jimmy was late for school, grounded all weekend. The Smith’s are moving to Idaho next week; new job. Taylor had her baby. Boy. Fat. Dinner is Lasagna and I paid the bills.”

You: “Ah… perfect.”

No, no, no. Here’s the kicker! She doesn’t want to¬†JUST give you a status update. She wants to have a meaningful conversation with you. Wait… what? A whole conversation? But I just got home.

Her: “Can you believe Jimmy was late for school again? What do you think we should do? What do you think his problem is? Here’s what I think. The Smiths are moving, I really like them. Don’t you enjoy their pool parties. Do you think they’ll be happy in Idaho? Taylor was in labor for 8 hours. Can you believe that? The baby was over 10 lbs. 10 lbs??!? Remember how big Jimmy was? Do you remember how angry I was at you that this baby wouldn’t come out? Do you want Lasagna? Is that ok? Do you want something else? I paid the bills and doubled our van payment this month. The van should be paid off in 9 months. We can put that money towards the kids’ college fund. That would be great wouldn’t it?”

You: “…”

Young couple sitting on sofaShe wants to connect with you on ALL of those topics. Talking to her girlfriends, the neighbor and her mom is not enough. She wants to talk to YOU. You are her companion. For life. Get used to it. This woman wants to share her day with you, get your opinion on the latest. She wants to share her feelings, frustrations, sadness, laughs, worries, etc. And get this. When you talk to her… that is CURRENCY in the bank to her. You just made a deposit, that just might pay off later. Well, maybe.dating-couple-laughing-475

Guys. Connect with your wives, ignore the phone and your busy day. She’s probably had a busy day too. Stop what you’re doing, turn and face your wife and hear her. Just listen. Enjoy her company. She needs you too.

Let’s Chat!

  • Men, are you cutting your wives off and robbing her of that connection she desperately needs with you?

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5 thoughts on “Just A Status Update Please

  1. Right on the money Phil! Nothing makes a woman feel unloved and unappreciated more than being left out of her mate’s day through sharing and conversation.

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