Hello? A Little Help Please!: Unmet Expectations Can Poison Your Mood

roadtriphellIt was going to be a busy day.  My family had lots of places to go, things to do and places to be: all back- to- back.  We had 2 parties to get to (to which I had no gift for either), we had to grab lunch on the go and travel with a 3 year old and a 13 year old. So you can imagine that with potty breaks, teen boredom, complaints and whining, things can get pretty hairy!

Our first destination: gift for first party.

I tell my husband that I’m heading to the gift aisle.  He stays with kids.  We will meet in the front of the store.  I only have to get 1 item.  I hastily get what I need, check out and am waiting in the front of store.  Where are they?  What is taking them so long?  Seriously!?  Frustration building.  I actually have time to fill out the card (really fill it out), I have time to bag AND tissue the present. Where is he?  What are they doing?  Finally, I just call him.  Come on!! Lets go!  We don’t have all day! FYI – they were shopping, havin’ a ball! Continue reading

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Marci is a wife, mother, speaker and blogger. She is also a co-founder of a powerful non-profit, award-winning marriage ministry, Marriage Pressure Points. Marci writes about her own struggles as a wife in hopes that God will continue to offer her grace and use her testimony to help others.