She ALWAYS does that! 4 Things You Should Do to Diffuse Lies About Your Spouse

Guess what? Somebody hates it when there is harmony & peace in your marriage. He can’t stand it. You know who I’m talking about. He wears all red and wields little goat horns on his head. He’ll do anything to cause conflict or confusion in your marriage. One of his favorite, but subtle attacks is to make false agreements with us about our marriage. Tell me if you’ve ever heard these in your head before:

  • He left his clothes on the floor AGAIN, like… I’m the maid.aa-angel-and-devil-on-mans-shoulder
  • She knows I hate meatloaf, but she keeps making it to spite me.
  • Why can’t he just put a new toilet paper roll on the spool? It takes 10 seconds.
  • She cut me off in mid sentence again! She never let’s me talk.
  • He or she will never change. They just don’t care anymore.
  • They don’t deserve my love or attention right now. Not after what they’ve done.
  • She ALWAYS does that!
  • He NEVER listens to me!
  • It’s hopeless.

Lies! All lies. None of it is God’s voice. The devil is sneaky, he likes to get us in a corner and whisper these little lies in our ear. We tend to agree with him because it selfishly validates our frustration with our spouse. What started as little whispers eventually grow into toxic resentment and anger towards our spouse. So… what do you do? Continue reading

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