Woman's Intuition and an Answered Prayer. (Part Three)

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Part 1: I trust him. Not her. 
Part 2: Is it all in my head? I still don’t trust her. 

My sense of discernment was right on target.

The next day, my husband was driving the nine hours to join us when he suddenly realized what had happened:

After he hung up with me, he went into the restaurant. He got a phone call from Kim telling him she was running late because she got out of her bikini wax appointment late. (“Really?”) He thought that a little odd that she would offer that information, but just let it go.

Twenty minutes later, Kim showed up, dressed in a mini-skirt. They had lunch. As lunch came to a close, Kim asked my husband what he wanted to do next. He said he was probably going to walk around the mall for a while and kill time since the movers had taken everything and the house was completely empty.

She responded, “Why don’t we go back to your house.”Smiling+beautiful+blond+woman+flirting

Brushing it off, he looked at her and said, “Why would we do that, there is nothing there. No TV, or furniture, nothing.”

Kim said, “So?”

Without missing a beat and completely ignorant of the implied proposition, he answered “Because it would be boring!”

She just reluctantly replied, “Yeah, you’re right.” They finished lunch, said their goodbyes, and Kim was gone. Continue reading