That's it! I quit!: Never Giving Up on Your Marriage

Have you ever worked out to a point where you were on the verge of tears, you were hyperventilating and your throat felt like it was on fire? coventry-kickboxingMe neither. Until recently. I walked into the gym one evening and was brutally honest with my trainer. “I have a really hard time coming here lately. Actually, I hate it.” She was taken aback a little as I continued to explain. “I feel like it always takes me such a long time to finish and I’m not getting any better.” After a little more discussion, I finally admitted that I probably (actually, definitely) was not giving it my all. Her solution: increase the intensity of the workout. She wanted to get me to push myself more than I had ever done before by completing three rounds of a prescribed workout as quickly as possible.


By the beginning of round 2, I was hyperventilating and near tears. A voice in my head said, “Forget this. I quit. I’m outta here.” Just slightly louder was my trainer. “Come on. Keep going. Give me one more.” And I did. Each time I wanted to quit, she was right there, telling me that I needed to keep going. I couldn’t quit. Quitting wasn’t an option. I completed the workout. Mind you, I was laid out flat on the mats. I was sweating profusely, tired and pretty sure I just burned a hole in my throat.

And so it goes with marriage. There will be times when you are hyperventilating, near tears, ready to quit and about to walk out. Don’t let quitting be an option. Surround yourself with people who love you enough to fight for your marriage when you don’t think you have it in you to fight anymore. People who will love you, encourage you and pray for you. People who will say “Give me one more.” And you will.

I want to Fight!, but what do I do? 

  • Stop and get help? Find a good Christian marriage counselor and start talking through the hard stuff as a team.
  • Surround yourself with accountability partners. Good friends that will invest in and check on the health of your marriage. 
  • Pray. Pray hard that God will bring a supernatural healing and restoration to your marriage. 
  • Take in good marriage content daily. Never stop sharpening your skills when it comes to loving your spouse and how you communicate. Read books, take classes and date often.


Let’s Chat!

  • Who do you and your spouse have surrounding you who help you fight FOR your marriage?
  • When has there been a time when you were ready to quit but you pushed through? Tell us your success story.

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7 thoughts on “That's it! I quit!: Never Giving Up on Your Marriage

  1. You are so right! Communication is key to any marriage. You have to push through and fight the enemy and never forget that when you have a Christ centered marriage and God is on our side, who can come against us. It takes initiative on our side for God to work it out. I’m so proud of you Ana, and what God is doing through you in this venue. You are a beautiful and talented mother and young woman and I am proud to call you my daughter-in-law! Love, Nana

    1. Thanks, Nana! 🙂 Communicating and learning how to “fight” fair are such important tools in a marriage.

  2. Great post Ana!
    It’s too easy to think and believe that ‘divorce’ is an option. An escape route. It’s just too hard to fight through this tough season. All lies. With God those seasons can be conquered and eventually lessened to have the marriage He intended us to have.
    We need to think like the vikings & burn the ships! Stay and prepare to conquer without a way back home.

    1. Thanks, Phil! Sometimes seasons don’t seem like they are ever going to end (kind of like winter this year). I love that Viking attitude. Burn the ships!

    1. Desiree,
      Oftentimes, I have prayed (from the Lord’s prayer) “Give me this daily my daily bread” during difficult seasons. Just asking for enough to make it through each day made the journey not seem so overwhelming. So when I asked myself “how long?”, I knew I just needed to make it through the day.

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